Zplus Cyber Secure Technologies - The Perfect Guard For Your Digital Data

Technology has Come a long way from What it was a decade ago. With the dramatic evolution in the techdriven world. The human race is more closely associated Witli technology than ever before. It's a fact that we are almost glued to the smart devices. As they say, too much of anything is bad, the world adapting to digitization is leading to colossal CYber-attacks around us. Recognizing the threats caused due to this,Gorakh Bhosale & Sandip Gadekar researched the aspects that could hinder the incwasing menaces in the online world. They observed the sparse availability of experts in fields such as Cyber Security Forensic Investigation. TO resolve the issue of serial cybercrimes by offering effective teenenabled solutions they established ZPlusCyberSecure Technologies.

At present Zplus is recognized as one of the leading cybersecurity solution providers which design services to silnplify IT security management across devices on multiple platforms. They are customized to suit consumers, small businesses, Government establishments. and corporate houses. The Company caters to all types Of cyber issues solutions. It is also operational in providing Digital Marketing & Website Development verticals. With the increasing attacks and threats, the company has come forth with initiatives to train and spread awareness on the importance of data security. It also provides a helpline facility in Cyber Security & Forensic Investigation Service fields.

Professional Courses & Training is another segment it focuses on. With a group of active and young enthusiast working together to fulfill the requitements of the clients in the area of Web Developtnent. Web Hosting. Online application development. Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optilnization. E-commerce Solutions, Online Branding. and Mobile Application Development. Walk-through. Software Development. Email Gateways, Paytnent Gateway Integration. Enterprise Resource Planning, and others. it is scaling the business to heights while making the digital data completely secure.

Zplus is dealing with several domains which have more service utility, such as Business, Industry, IT, MSME. Law. Education, and the Crime branch (Government Sector) among others. The Most CruCial Segment, the Banking Sector is also one of the clients of Zplus as 'most of the frauds are heard from this sector nowadays,says Gorakh Bhosale, MD & CEO. The company strives to make the tasks easy, effective and timely. It has built methodologies to secure data in storage or in transit. "The proficient team Of Zplus has also decided to contribute in Make in India movement & Digital India movement by imbibing it in its ev ery project. Ultimately Zplus goal is to make all stay digitally connected to scale the country's economy."informs Sandip Gadekar, MD & CTO. Zplus is currently serving nearly eight clients in each of its service fields and it is looking forward to expanding its business all over the world by having its branches in several other countries. It aims to serve over 100 Clients and achieve a turnover of over 100 crores in the next three Years.Gearing up for the growth, Zplus is on verge of setting up branches in the US and London.